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We want to bring you the best of what’s out there... PERIOD!

Over the years, FABreality Radio has grown to create an online home for both Independent and Major-label artists seeking to increase listenership and viral exposure.


FABreality Radio is dedicated to becoming the #1 Internet-radio destination for entreprenuers and listeners of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Classic Hits and Top 40.


Serving as the home to nationwide DJ's that have an ear for music and able to identify and support the music industry's next mega-star.


We are the premier internet based, forward thinking, innovative sound machine that is responsible for bringing you an ultimate professional platform.


What makes us FABulous? Unlike the standard radio station, we don't require our Host and DJs to come to a centralized studio to deliver segmented broadcasts dictated by a program director.


By using state of the art live streaming software, our DJs as well as host have the ability to air their segments from live gigs or their home studios. by doing this, it increases their comfort level elevating their creativity.


This platform allows the host to be the master of their craft and double up as station directors in addition to being the jockey.


For the audience listening over the web, the music comes directly from the heart of the host.


In addition to offering live DJ broadcasts from all over the world, FABreality Radio allows interaction between the listeners and the hosts.


Aiming to become one the world's most popular internet radio station, FABreality Radio has distinguished itself from the others by allowing our listeners the opportunity to listen freely from their workplace or businesses with our “Clean” rotation as well as our FABreality Radio “Uncut” after dark.


Bottom line, we want to exist as the purest representation of its listenership by bringing you the best of what’s out there. If we can’t commit to that, then we’re not doing our job!


Tune it to see why we’re FABulous!

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